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Cub Band News and Upcoming Events

May 7–Bulldog band Contest in Yoakum.

Please wear jeans and a Goliad shirt.  (if you don’t have one, just wear a dark color shirt)

There will be a concession stand at the festival, so you bring money if you want to buy snacks and drinks)

10:15-arrive at GMS for a full rehearsal in the band hall

11:00-pizza and drinks!

11:30-leave for Yoakum

12:30-arrive and unload


1:20-Concert on stage -parents are welcome to come to watch!


2:20-begin solos and duets

3:00-leave Yoakum

4:00-arrive at Outlaw Pass in Victoria (students will have access to 1 attraction (go-carts/rock wall/etc) and a $5 arcade card….Students are welcome to bring additional money for the arcade or snacks.  

5:45 -arrive back at Goliad MS for pick up.

May 12th– GMS spring concert at 6:30 in the GHS auditorium.  More info TBA

Practice Plan

Spend time this week working on contest music and your solos or duet!

Band Hall will be open at 7:30 for extra help and practice.  You must get a pass from a director to attend. 

Make sure you are taking time to practice at home.  Aim for at least 90 minutes a week….but even 5 minutes will make you a better musician and make band class more fun!


Look for comments about your child's behavior or musical learning in this section.  

Parent signatures will be required if a director leaves a disciplinary note here. 


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Minutes of practice

What did you practice?

Did you get better?